Aplus HD8824 Stapler


Aplus HD8824 Stapler

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Staplers serve a practical function in the office and beyond by securely fastening sheets of paper or other materials together, making them a versatile and essential tool for document management and organization.

Types & Dimensions

23/6: 6mm - 25 sheets
23/8: 8mm - 50 sheets
23/10: 10mm - 70 sheets
23/13: 13mm - 100 sheets
23/15: 15mm - 120 sheets
23/17: 17mm - 140 sheets
23/20: 20mm - 170 sheets
23/24: 24mm - 200 sheets


Document Organization
Staplers are used to keep multiple sheets of paper together in a neat and organized manner. This is especially important in offices for creating packets, reports, presentations, and other documents.

Preventing Page Loss
Stapling prevents individual pages from getting lost or misplaced, ensuring that important information stays together as a cohesive document.

Ease of Handling
Stapled documents are easier to handle and flip through, making them more user-friendly for reading and reviewing.

Stapled documents can be easily filed away in folders or filing cabinets, helping with document storage and retrieval.

Art and Crafts
Staplers are also used in various art and craft projects, such as bookbinding and creating booklets.

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