Binder Clip


Binder Clip

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Also Known As Double Clip, Fold Back Clip or Butterfly Clip.
The binder clip is in common use in the modern office.
It can hold a few to many sheets of paper, and is usually used in place of the paper clip for large volumes of paper.
Various practical (and sometimes whimsical) alternative uses have been proposed.
These include holding pieces of quilt together, creating a “beer pyramid” in a refrigerator with wire shelves, serving as a bookmark, a cheap alternative to a money clip or preventing computer cables from slipping behind desks.
Smaller sized clips have been commonly used as “quick fix” fitting and sizing solutions in the fashion industry.
A binder clip, or a banker’s clip or foldover clip or a cow clip, is a simple device for binding sheets of paper together. It leaves the paper intact and can be removed quickly and easily, unlike the staple.


Unit of Measurement

Binder Clips 0.5"/15mm - 12 Pc /Box ; stacks 40 sheets paper
Binder Clips 0.75"/19mm - 12 Pc /Box ; stacks 50 sheets paper
Binder Clips 1"/25mm - 12 Pc/Box  ; stacks 70 sheets paper
Binder Clips 1.25"/32mm - 12pc/Box ; stacks  90 sheets paper
Binder Clips 1.625"/41mm - 12pc/Box ; stacks 120 sheets paper
Binder Clips 2"/51mm - 12pc/Box ; stacks 150 sheets paper

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